Providing Comfort At Coler

Meng Zhong

Associate Nurse Practitioner, NYC Health + Hospitals/Coler

My Role: My work resembles what physicians do, including treating for disease and mental health while actively accommodating our patients' loved ones.

Impact of COVID-19: I've noticed the need to comfort patients and their families has increased significantly. People are concerned, and the new policy restricting visitation has increased anxiety. We tell them not to panic and to take care of themselves. They trust us and we can help them calm down. Families know we take care of their loved ones.

Why I'm Fighting COVID-19: As a nurse practitioner, I'm needed to care for the sick at this critical time. It's my obligation, and my oath as a clinician, to care and love my residents to the best of my ability.

Managing Stress: I think my family is more stressed than I am, because I am taking care of COVID-19 patients. For me, having COVID-19 is just another condition.

I know it's very contagious, but I listen to and observe the guidance from the CDC. Most people will have mild symptoms. I believe I will overcome it, and I will help others.