Protecting Staff At Sea View

Sebrina Bernal

Patient Care Technician, NYC Health + Hospitals/Sea View

My Role: We are assigned to take our employees' temperature when they arrive at Sea View and assess if they are carrying symptoms of COVID-19.

We also do this for staff or residents who are arriving from another facility. So, I'm helping to keep everyone safe.

Impact of COVID-19: Emotionally, our residents are not happy because most of them want to see their family. I understand how they feel. But this is necessary because we need to protect them from the virus; because we don't know who has the virus. This is for the residents' health and safety.

Why I'm Fighting COVID-19: I'm fighting COVID by doing diligent temperature checks. I recently screened two staff members who had a high temperature We were able to test them and send them home to self-quarantine. So, the work I do is very important to the safety of not only residents and their families, but the staff at Sea View.